You are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council, to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 15th, 2019 at Eccleshall Community Centre, followed by a meeting of the Planning Committee.


1. To elect a Chairman and signature of declaration of office.

2. To receive apologies for absence.

3. To elect a Vice-Chairman and signature of declaration of office.

4. To consider Councillor requests for dispensations and accept Declarations of Interest relating to items on the agenda.

5. To confirm the minutes of the Council Meeting held on April 17th 2019.

6. Co-option of Councillors for vacancies in Horseley and Croxton Wards
• Signing of Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Disclosable Pecuniary & Personal Interest Forms.

7. To appoint Committees and Liaison Representatives

8. To consider the Council’s Deeds and Insurances

9. To confirm eligibility and consider a resolution to adopt the General Power of Competence.

10. Public Participation:- a period for members of the public to address the Council

11. To receive any reports from Borough & County Councillors

12. To receive Committee Reports:-
Traffic Management Committee:
• Croxton play area update – repairs and consideration of cleaning quotes
• Elford Common update and to discuss any quotations received.
Policy & Resources
• Approve printing costs for updated Walk 10 leaflet.

13. To receive the Liaison Representatives reports

14. To consider any New Development updates:
• Taylor Wimpey Site
• Bovis
• Cross Butts

15. Update on Eagle Sculpture relocation.

16. To consider and appoint the internal auditor for the period April 1st 2019-31st March 2020.

17. To note and express thanks for the service of outgoing Councillors.

18. To receive the Clerk’s Report and correspondence for consideration, including:-
• To note requirement to submit election expenses forms and pecuniary interest declarations.

19. Summer Newsletter – overview and request for articles.

20. To consider and approve additional gully cleaning locations.

21. To receive the Chairman’s Report

22. Accounts:
• To approve accounts for payment May 2019
• To approve removal of retired councillors as bank signatories and sign mandate accordingly

23. To pass a resolution in accordance with Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude the public and press for discussion regarding an update on opportunities presented by the police station property. This item is confidential due to commercial sensitivities.

24. To note the Annual Public Parish Meeting – May 22nd, Eccleshall Community Centre, 7.30pm.

25. Items/Date and venue for next meeting – June 19th, 2019, Offley Hay Village Hall, 7.30pm