You are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council, to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 5th  2021 via Zoom online meeting. This will be followed by a meeting of the Planning Committee.

Join via the Internet by going to:

Meeting Link (a clickable link is available via the electronic agenda on the parish website).

Meeting ID: 842 3290 3129 and Password: 459450

Alternatively join by telephone by dialling 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240.


1.     To elect a Chairman and signature of declaration of office.


2.     To receive apologies for absence.


3.     To elect a Vice-Chairman and signature of declaration of office.


4.     To consider Councillor requests for dispensations and accept Declarations of Interest relating to items on the agenda.


5.     To confirm the minutes of the Council Meeting held on April 22nd 2021.


6.     To appoint Committees and Liaison Representatives. To include the formation of a new Events Committee and appoint members.


7.     To consider the Council’s Deeds and Insurances


8.     To review and re-adopt the following policies:


a.     Complaints procedure (content unchanged, awaiting new guidance for future update)

b.     Standing Orders (p.9 voting clarification, minor update p16. to reflect new online banking provision)

c.     Financial Regulations (content unchanged)

d.     Publication Scheme (minor update to p4 disbursement costs)

e.     Policies, procedures and practices in respect of its obligations under freedom of information and data protection legislation. Viewable at:

f.      Financial Risk Assessment (updates in red to reflect new online banking provision).


9.     Public Participation:- a period for members of the public to address the Council


10.  To receive any reports from Borough and County Councillors.


11.  Committee Updates:


Traffic Management:

No updates to report


To consider and approve the KETT business card design and costs.


  • To approve any remedial works as flagged up as a result of asset checks and to delegate approval for minor refurbishment works to the Clerk in conjunction with the Chair.
  • To approve purchase of specialist blue paint for Pillar Clock and bins.

Policy and Resources:

No updates to report

12.  To consider and approve the updated finance infographic.


13.  To consider a grant request from the First Responders to support their ongoing work.


14.  To consider a proposed motion with regards to concerns over commercial logging in Bishop’s Wood and its impact on climate change.


15.  To consider and appoint the internal auditor for the period April 1st 2021-31st March 2022.


16.  To consider and agree a plan for upcoming meetings following the removal of the option to hold virtual meetings after 6th May 2021


17.  To receive the Clerks Report, containing liaison representative updates.


18.  Correspondence


19.  To receive the Chairman’s Report


20.  Accounts

A1 – To receive the Internal Audit report

A2 – To approve the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1 of the Annual Return)

A3 – To consider and approve the Accounting Statements (Section 2 of the Annual Return)

A4 – To accept the Financial report to end April 2021.

A6 – To approve accounts for payment May 2021.

A7 – To consider and approve SLCC subscription for Assistant Clerk, to support training, provide reference resources and allow access to meeting/networking opportunities.


21.  To consider a resolution to approve delegation to the Clerk to make decisions and arrange payments on behalf of the council where such decision cannot reasonably be deferred and must be made in order to comply with a commercial or statutory deadline and to effectively carry out the day to day business of the Council. This is in the event of any disruption to the planned meeting schedule due to the removal of legislation that allows virtual meetings, and until the next legally convened council meeting. Decisions will be made in consultation with the Chair/Vice-Chair.

22.  To request any future agenda items and confirm the date and venue for next meeting –  23rd June 2021, venue to be confirmed, pending current government advice.




1.     To elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman.


2.     Apologies


3.     Public Participation.


4.     To approve the minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on April 22nd,  2021.


5.     To note the planning decisions of Stafford Borough Council:-


6.     Planning Applications for consideration:- (link to the application is within the reference number):-

21/33822 HOU – Amended application. Burley Cottage, Clayalders Bank, Standon.


7.     To consider any further applications:


8.     To consider any other planning matters:-


9.     To consider any correspondence received:


10.    To approve delegation to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman to respond to planning applications that require a response prior to the next legally convened planning meeting.


11.  To confirm the date and venue for next meeting in line with previous resolution on meeting schedule and in line with current government advice.


Please note the following meeting dates:-

Committee meeting dates are to be confirmed

S.J. Worden………

 Clerk to the council – 29/04/2021