At Wednesdays meeting, the Parish Council received a thousand strong petition requesting the location of a Christmas Tree at the crossroads in the centre of Eccleshall.

It was clear there was overwhelming support for the idea, which had been initiated by a number of local residents who had taken considerable time and effort with the campaign.


The Parish Council are pleased to confirm that the project to install a Christmas Tree at the crossroads will go ahead, and will be funded and organised by the Ecclian Society, with the full support of the Parish Council.


As the land is owned by the Borough Council there are a number of steps that need to be undertaken to satisfy the requirements of the BC, and the Parish Council will be providing any required support to the Ecclian Society to ensure we can meet these requirements, which includes, but is not limited to; robust risk assessment procedures, provision of Public liability insurance and support with the necessary licences to occupy the site.


The Borough have confirmed their commitment to ensure the relevant applications and approvals are dealt with promptly, which is fantastic news.