Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 16th Jan 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:

  • Summary sheet – Vehicle Activated Speed Signs
  • Revised Standing Orders
  • Training and Development Policy
  • Precept Proposal
  • Acceptance forms

Further Information for Agenda Items:

  • There are no items to include.

Borough Councillor Update:-

No report has been received.

Liaison Reports:

Community Centre – No report to receive.

Offley Hay Village Hall – A meeting was held on the 6th Dec 2018 and included the following updates:

  • Bookings were progressing, including lots of caravan bookings for 2019.
  • Profits of £1090 were reported from a curry evening fundraiser
  • Heating expenditure from the oil boiler appears to be excessive and ways to reduce the amount used was discussed. A priority was to have it serviced and obtain suggestions as to the future of the boiler or alternatives.
  • The hourly hire charge will increase to £12, to commence from the start of the new financial year.
  • Discussion took place on the possible financial benefit of fitting solar panels, which would be a large commitment to be discussed at a future time.
  • Consideration of five permanent pitches for caravan visitors, because of planning regulations it would be discussed in the future.
  • A few minor repairs are required and will be completed by volunteers.
  • Mrs Liz Leese, a trustee for many years, has given notice that she wishes to retire from the post. Her and her family have been on the committee for 40 years and everyone expressed their appreciation of their service that she and her family had provided
  • It was felt that people have difficulty finding the hall due to a lack of suitable sign and the committee requested this be brought to the attention of the Parish Council via the appropriate council committee. In the meantime Councillor J. Jones will investigate the present signage and what would be appropriate.

Tourism – No report has been received.

Slindon News – No report to receive.

Croxton News – No report has been received.

Community Transport

Allotments – the AGM was held in December:

  • Officers were elected and a member will be shadowing the current treasurer with a view to taking on the role prior to the next AGM.
  • Finances were sound
  • The new constitution was approved and the Council have requested a copy for their records. It has been based on the Stafford Borough Council rules and regulations for allotments.
  • The association have asked for consideration of 3 items by the Parish Council:
    • The current maximum height for storage boxes on site is 3ft. As most measurements are now metric, can this be amended to the nearest appropriate metric equivalent.
    • The consideration of the use of polytunnels, which will extend the available growing season. Stafford Borough Council allotment regulations allow tunnels up to a maximum size of 15ftx 8ft (no height is specified). It was noted that the association are aware the tunnels would probably be left up throughout the year. At present, no structures are allowed on site, including sheds.
    • As landlord, can the Parish Council ask for the water meter to be relocated for health and safety reasons, as the meter can only be read from the roadside, on a bend where drivers may not see the person reading the meter.

Ecclian Society: No report has been received.

Children/Young People:  No report to receive.

Correspondence for consideration, additional information:

Flooding of track by Park House, off Langot Lane – this has been an ongoing issue raised by a local resident, which has required the support of Highways in order to resolve the issue with the investigation and cleaning of gullies on Langot Lane. Although the gullies have now been cleared, there is an issue with where the runoff of water is discharged, which requires landowners either side of the track to clear the ditches. Highways will be writing to the landowners but have suggested that it may help if the Parish Council provide support by writing to the Church Commission who own the track itself, to ask if they will also write to the landowners to clear the ditches, as it impacts on the track owned by the Commission.

Correspondence circulated, to note:

  1. Stafford Borough Council Members Digest received and circulated.
  2. SPCA Weekly Bulletins – forwarded to all.
  3. Visit Stafford Updates
  4. Neighbourhood Watch Updates

General Council Updates:

  • The Clerk has been dealing with a number of issues concerning flooding at Bishops Lonsdale School and flooding of a track as a result of blocked gullies on Langot Lane. Both areas have now been cleaned by the SCC gully team.
  • Parish Elections 2019. The date of elections has been confirmed as 2nd May 2019. Councillors will be responsible for the submission IN PERSON of their nomination papers to the Borough Council.  It has been advised that the Notice of Election is due to be published no later than 26 March 2019 and nominations will close at 4.00 pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.
  • Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.


SCC- Staffordshire County Council                                 SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes

SBC- Stafford Borough Council                                      SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc

EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council