Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 17th April 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:
• Financial Regulations draft for consideration
• Confidential report and summary for agenda item 13.

Further Information for Agenda Items:
Borough Councillor Update:- Cllr P. Jones has attended the following:
• John Allen’s funeral service on Friday 22nd March
• The 5th anniversary meeting of Support Staffordshire at the gatehouse Theatre for volunteer groups in the County, on 26th March.
• Stafford Rotary Club’s Sleep Out presentation at Stafford College on Friday 29th March.
• Held my monthly surgery at the library on Saturday March 30.
• Attended the Queen’s Award for Voluntary service presentation on Sunday 31st March to Eccleshall Show by the Lord Lieutenant Ian Dudson at the County Showground.
• Attended the meeting of the Borough Planning Committee on Tuesday 2nd April and objected to the application to build another 10 homes on the Sancerre Grange.
• Will be attending a meeting of the Eccleshall Show committee on Saturday 6th April and the Eccleshall Trust Ploughman’s Lunch at the cricket club.
• Will be attending the charity auction at The Star on Sunday 7th April on behalf of Offley Hay Village hall and Staffordshire Women’s Aid.

Liaison Reports:
Community Centre – No report has been received.
Offley Hay Village Hall –
The Offley hay Village Hall committee met on 21st March 2019:
• Bookings – Quite good until the end of May with several caravan bookings.
• The boiler has been serviced. As it may cost c.£15k to replace, the committee will persevere with the existing one for the time being.
• A donation of £500.85 was received from catering firm GEMS and The Star has also donated some proceeds from a recent auction.
• The “Bit of a do” event in 2018 was extremely good raising £1000 so will be repeated on Saturday 18th May. Tickets are £12 with a band, disco and drinks. The meal will a chilli. All are welcome.
• A Christmas party will be held at the beginning of December, details to be arranged.
• They have increased the fees for new bookings to £12 an hour but have decided to leave the fee for regular booking at the present price.
• The next meeting of the committee is on Wednesday May 8th 7pm.
It has been reported to the Clerk that the village hall sign on the B5026 is pointing in the wrong direction. The Clerk has turned the sign back the right way but fed back to the committee that it is loose and likely to move again unless tightened in some way.
Visit Stafford – The next meeting will be held on 11th April.
Slindon News – No report to receive
Croxton :-
• 24 people took part in the Croxton & Environs Litter picks on 6th and 7th April. 35 bags of rubbish were collected and taken to the tip. The area looks very clean and tidy now.
• A road sweeper cleaned the B5026 through Croxton on Saturday 6th, removing all the mud that had accumulated along the sides of the road.
• Some of the gullies have been emptied, but the one at the bottom of the hill opposite the Vernon Yonge is blocked resulting in water building up on a bend in the road. Windmill Lane, Woodwall Green Lane, Lodge Lane and the Lane at the bottom of Arn Hill all have blocked grids, so water cannot soak away from the road surface. All need sumping-out. As a result of poor drainage, most of these lanes now have considerable accumulation of mud, debris and vegetation in the centre of the road, which catches on the underside of cars in some places. The Clerk has added these gullies to the additional gully cleansing list for consideration.
• The grass has been cut in the Play area, Millennium Wood and opposite verge, and looks very tidy. The play area surface remains ‘raised’ and is a trip hazard, and there is quite a lot of slippy algae/moss on some parts of the play area matting. The repairs are due end April/early May.
• The trees in the Millennium Wood need thinning / lower branches trimming ( for safety). This was agreed at a previous EPC Enhancements meeting several months ago ( before you Stacey I think). Action is needed, preferably before the leaves open out. The item has been added to the May Enhancements Committee Agenda
• Vans remain parked along the Highfields path / on the path, as previously reported by Mr Booth. Some of these (towards the Church), are regularly parked facing the wrong – which in the dark thus presenting a safety issue for oncoming traffic. Can this be referred to the police by EPC, or does it have to come from the resident? They do have parking spaces available at the back of Highfields to prevent vehicles being parked on this busy road. If it continues to be used as a car park, perhaps we need yellow lines painting alongside the path. The Clerk has added this item to the Traffic Committee agenda.
• Broughton Community Choir linked up with Bishop Lonsdale and Mucklestone Primary School choirs for a charity concert on 29th March. This was very well supported and raised lots of money for the school charities and the House of Bread.
• Croxton Community Well Dressing Festival will be held on Sat.6th July.
• The committee wish to thank EPC for the grant of £100 towards clay and materials which will enable outreach work with Eccleshall Guides.

Community Transport – No report to receive.
Allotments – The next meeting is on 15th April and an update will be provided at the meeting.
Ecclian Society: No report has been received.

Children/Young People: No report has been received.

Correspondence for consideration, additional information:
There is no further information to advise.

Correspondence circulated, to note:
1. Stafford Borough Council Members Digest received and circulated.
2. SPCA Weekly Bulletins – forwarded to all.
3. Visit Stafford Updates

• Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.

SCC- Staffordshire County Council SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes
SBC- Stafford Borough Council SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc.
EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council