Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 17th March 2021,7.30pm via Zoom.

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:

  • Enhancements –  Eyeswell quotes (item 6)
  • P&R – Minutes of meeting 3rd March 2021 (item 6)
  • P&R – Virements and earmarking report (item 6)
  • P&R – Updated Budget 2021/22 , 2 documents (item 6)
  • P&R – IT costings for Assistant Clerk (item 6)
  • Adbaston Parish correspondence, riparian notes and map, 3 documents (item 7)
  • SPCA Extra bulletin re meetings (item 9)
  • Online banking report (item 11)
  • Amended plans for new speed limit, Swynnerton Road, 3 plans (item 12)
  • Finance report (item 16)

Committee Updates (to note):


  • No report


  • No additional report

Traffic Management:

  • No report

Policy and Resources:

  • No additional report

Borough Councillor Update:-

  • No report

County Councillor Update:-

  • No report

Liaison Reports:

Community Centre:-

  • The Community Centre has been hosting Covid Testing from February 15th to March 21st 7 days a week.
  • The kitchen used by Springfields Nursery has been completely renewed at a cost of £7,000.
  • The vandalised window in the Conservatory has been replaced at a cost of £120.


Offley Hay Village Hall

No report

Visit Stafford:

No report.

Slindon News:

No report.


No report

Community Transport:

No report


No report

Ecclian Society:-

  • A Zoom Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 10th, primarily to review plans for 2021.
  • Currently they are planning to have as full a complement of activities, as possible.
  • All the flowers have been ordered for all the mangers and hanging baskets. It is hoped that the watering contract can revert to normal this year with the assistance of the Parish Council.
  • Open Gardens is still planned for June. 19-20th despite the Eccleshall Festival being cancelled.
  • An Ecclian Society Spring Newsletter is also planned for circulation.
  • It is hoped that 2021 will be a normal year when groups of volunteers can work together again, adding again a social dimension to all our activities.

Children/Young People

No report.

First Responders:

No report.

Flood Action Group:

No report.

Other Updates:

Further Information to support agenda items:

  1. Eagle Street art, further correspondence.

Vistry Homes has responded to the letter to EPC regarding funding and location:

Dear  Stacey Worden

I trust this finds you keeping safe and well.

Thank you for your email,  and attached letter, and I trust this finds you keeping safe and well. . I have discussed this further internal and I am sorry but Vistry Homes are unable to offer a suitable alterative location for the Eagle sculpture. I am sorry that this is the case but I do wish you every success in finding a suitable location in the near future.

In regards to the grant that the Parish Council have previous received from Vistry Homes, previously Bovis Homes, I can confirm that Parish Council can keep this with our sincere hope that this provides some assistance  in enabling the Parish Council to complete this project.

I trust the above is satisfactory

Yours faithfully

Customer Care Director

Mercia Region

(Clerks note – as of 10.03.21 I am awaiting clarification that retention of the grant is not dependent on the completion of the street art project).

4 residents have contacted the Council to support the continuation of the Street art project.

Resident correspondence 1:

They have noted their support and suggested an alternate location –  ‘at the other end of the town on the town-side verge at the junction between Newcastle Road/Castle Street and Swynnerton Road – I think there is a bench on the south side by the gate towards the meadow. A bird would look stunning against the meadow backdrop – connecting to nature. ’

You would see it for a long time as you descended the A5109 arriving at Eccleshall from the north, before you turn right.

Resident correspondence 2:

‘I understand that the eagle statue is under consideration for possible siting at the roundabout or the nearby green area on the A5013 adjacent to the Bovis housing estate. This project was raised some years ago and it was well supported, but did not ‘get off the ground’. However, since the project is being considered again I would add my whole hearted support. It would certainly enhance the approach into Eccleshall  town. My only reservation concern’s the large sail area of the wings of the eagle. These may present a hazard under storm and high wind conditions and I would suggest a qualified structural engineer gives his opinion.’

Resident correspondence 3:

It would be very sad if it is not progressed after all the hard work that had been done. The decision had been made to go ahead with the design and structure and I understand most of the finance was secured? It would be a fitting memory of Cllr. David Pimble, who did so much for the community and helped to make Eccleshall what it is today.

Resident correspondence 4:

The resident notes that monies have been committed both by the Parish Council and other organisations and that ‘I understand that the last year has been very difficult for many organisations. However, I hope that the Parish Council will be able to complete the Eagle project in the near future.’

Further Information:

There is no further information to add.

Correspondence information:

  • There is no further correspondence to note

Correspondence circulated:

  1. SPCA Weekly Bulletins
  2. NALC updates

General Council Updates:

  • ***Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.***


SCC- Staffordshire County Council                                 SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes

SBC- Stafford Borough Council                                      SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc.

EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council