Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 18th March 2020, Eccleshall Community Centre

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:
  • Analysis of data received from recent public survey
  • Accounts summary to 29 Feb 2020.
  • Copy of thank you letter from the Allotments Association.
Borough Councillor Update:-

No report

Liaison Reports:

Community Centre:- No report.

Offley Hay Village Hall – No report

Visit Stafford – No report.

Slindon News:-

  • The speed signs do have some effect mainly on cars but HGV’s do tend to ignore it – next time it might be worth asking for a cameravan for a day or two.
  • The defibrillator which was in the old Phone box has been vandalised
  • One of the gateways into Slindon has been damaged, and may need replacing via a Parish insurance claim.

Croxton :- No report.

Community Transport – No report.

Allotments – No report.

Ecclian Society:-

  • An Ecclian Society dinner is being organised in the King’s Arms on March 28th.
  • The next joint Ecclian/ Bloom meeting is scheduled for April 7th.

Children/Young People:  No report.

First Responders: No report.

Information to support agenda items:
Correspondence, further information:
County Council verge cutting and weed spraying frequency 2020/21 email as follows:

Routine activities to control the growth of grassed verges and weeds within the highway take place every growing season in order to maintain visibility; reduce damage to the road structure and, therefore, improve safety for road users.  Several delivery partners undertake grass cutting on behalf of the County Council and local councils often enhance the level of service to help maintain and improve the appearance of the public realm.

From April 2020, the County Council intends to specify a minimum of six grass cuts on highway verges per season and will continue to work with councils and community groups who wish to undertake additional cuts in their locality.  Routine weed spraying will take place once per season in both urban and rural areas where a kerb exists (along the top of kerb and channel) and, additionally, at the back of footway against a hard edge such as a wall or fence in urban locations.  Due to regulations associated with the toxicity of weed spraying chemicals, the solution used is only effective on growing plants and spraying is only undertaken where weeds are present.  Specific treatment of injurious weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, will continue to take place as necessary.

Advice and guidance on how local councils can get more involved in roadside maintenance within their communities is available via and from your Community Highway Engagement Officer.

More information and the opportunity to make comment on the service levels defined above are available at

Correspondence circulated, to note:
  1. Stafford Borough Council Members Digest received and circulated.
  2. SPCA Weekly Bulletins – forwarded to all.
  3. Visit Stafford Updates
General Council Updates:
  • Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.

SCC- Staffordshire County Council                                 SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes

SBC- Stafford Borough Council                                      SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc.

EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council