Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 18th Sept 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:

• Item 5 – 2 application forms have been circulated for consideration
• Item 10 – D&G additional bus subsidy proposal
• Item 12 – volunteer activity risk assessments
• Item 16 – Completed annual return (without comment)
• Item 16 – information about Support Staffordshire membership benefits

Note: Documents to support the P&R items for ratification have been sent separately.

Borough Councillor Update:-

Cllr. P. Jones has provided the following update:
• Attended a meeting of the Economic Development and Planning Scrutiny Committee meeting on Tuesday 27th August.
• Attended a meeting of the Borough Planning Committee on Wednesday 4th September.
• The next monthly surgery will take place in the library on Saturday 28th September, between 10am and 12 noon.
• He supervised the admission gate stewards at the 72nd Eccleshall Show on Saturday 31st August.
• He is now a volunteer at the library in Eccleshall, along with Cllr. J. Jones.

Liaison Reports:

Community Centre – No report has been received.
Offley Hay Village Hall – No report has been received.
Visit Stafford – A meeting was held on 13th August at Colton House, Colton near Rugeley.
Points discussed in the meeting included:
• The website, which needs more input from members to keep it fresh – members were asked to supply any new or current activities in their areas.
• Membership is staying fairly level.
• The meeting discussed distribution and it was reported that the leaflet display stand had been removed from Stafford railway station. A replacement is being considered.
• A report on county accommodation was discussed – it was discovered that budget accommodation was very popular but there was a lack of four or five star hotels.

Slindon News – No report has been received.
Croxton :-
• Thanks for the replacement wooden seat by the Church.
• SBC have repaired the reported potholes around Croxton lanes (Back Lane, Windmill Lane, Croxton Lane, Arn Hill and top of The Rocks at Bishop’s Offley).
• Flooding issue reported again 100m down Arn Hill. Drains in the middle of the road fully blocked with debris and will need digging out to prevent flooding in the future. A similar situation exists along Windmill Lane near to Windmill Cottage.
• Thanks for the replacement fingerpost that was reported lying along the verge by the
• Thanks for the new Bridle path sign along Ginger Lane that had been reported as missing leading to SatNav users travelling along the wrong route and getting stuck. However, the sign has been installed on a bank (on the opposite side of the track from its original position) fastened to a truncated 1m post. The sign will soon be obliterated by vegetation. A photo of the sign 1 month after installation will be taken to show if this is the case, and we would ask SBC to rethink the siting of the sign accordingly.
• Broughton Parish Rooms has a very full set of bookings. This could present some concern re booking for a last minute election polling station.
• St Paul’s Church holds a very well attended coffee morning on the last Friday of the month and is holding a Harvest Afternoon Tea on 13th September.
• Cllr. Langford has requested that branches overhanging the newly cleaned play area be trimmed ASAP to prevent a build-up of dead leaves and algae on the surface. Some of the trees need thinning-out.
Community Transport – No report has been received.
Allotments – No report has been received.
Ecclian Society:-

• The street planting has been excellent this year and has again put on a good show for Eccleshall. The watering contract has been extended for a further 2 weeks, until the 4th October.
• The Ecclian BBQ on Saturday, July 20th had good weather, was well attended and was a good social evening.
• A full Committee meeting was held on August 21st to review activities and future plans.
• Barbara Bradley has been nominated as the Ecclian Society representative on the Library Advisory Committee.
• The Eccleshall Show seems to be going from strength to strength. The Ecclian Society had its normal information booth there, which worked well and also sponsored a new photographic competition to produce pictures for the 2020 Eccleshall Calendar.
• Future planning at the recent Committee meeting included the 2020 calendar and the 2019 Christmas trees. The latter included a plan to involve the schoolchildren and PTFA producing individual baubles to decorate the large tree and on the tree brackets in the street.

Children/Young People: No updates to report.
First Responders: No report has been received.

Information to support agenda items:

Item 9 – in order to allow due consideration of any proposals, the Clerk must receive copies of any proposal documentation to be circulated with the agenda by the end of Weds 18th September.

Item 12 – The Parish Council has received a request via a residents for a group of geocache volunteers to carry out litter picking in central Eccleshall, and also to complete some cutting back on Footpath 149, which was identified as an area they would be able to make significant improvements to. The date for the work to be completed will be the 22nd September. Due to the short timescale for the arrangements to be put in place after approval, the organiser has already put in place provisional arrangements for litter to be put in the car park area of the Little George for Streetscene to collect on Monday. Streetscene will also collect vegetation from footpath 149, subject to the local resident allowing vegetation to be left overnight, and for the lorry to turn round on their drive. As the volunteers will be working for the Parish Council, the Clerk has prepared risk assessments and sign in sheets for the activity.

Correspondence to Note:

Nothing further to note

Correspondence circulated, to note:

. Stafford Borough Council Members Digest received and circulated.
2. SPCA Weekly Bulletins – forwarded to all.
3. Visit Stafford Updates

General Council Updates:

• Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.


SCC- Staffordshire County Council SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes
SBC- Stafford Borough Council SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc.
EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council