Clerks Report – Parish Council Meeting 19th June 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre

Supplementary documents circulated to support the agenda:

• Resident correspondence regarding developer infrastructure payments.
• Response from Cllr. Pert regarding Highways works.
• Milestone Survey information and quotation (item 9)
• Notes from meeting with SCC highways officers, June 6th.
• Investment Fund information sheet.

Further Information for Agenda Items:

Borough Councillor Update:- No report has been received.

Liaison Reports:

Community Centre – No report has been received.
Offley Hay Village Hall – No report has been received.
Visit Stafford – No report has been received.
Slindon News – residents have reported they are delighted with the installation of the gateways
It appears to have some effect on SOME but not ALL speeding drivers.
Croxton :-
• Well Dressing preparations are going well. Councillors and the Clerk are welcome to attend on Saturday 6th July. Opening ceremony is at 11.45am. at Boughey’s Well in the centre of Croxton.
• Residents living close to Ginger Lane have expressed concerns about inconsiderate parking by people connected with Ferndale House (last house just along Ginger Lane on the right). Last year it was acquired to be used for young people and carers.
Residents are regularly finding their premises blocked-in by cars attending Ferndale House. Ginger Lane is very narrow there and the drive to the house can probably take 3 cars.
Reportedly, at times there have been 9 cars there when case conferences etc are being held and people are parking in front of gates and garages of local residents who keep on having to go to Ferndale House to ask them to move them.
When permission was given for this ‘residential business’ to exist at Ferndale House, was consideration given to the number of cars that might need parking spaces. Given where it is located, anything above 3 cars is causing problems for local residents.
Please could some questions be asked to find out how this can be better managed – is this controlled by a department of Staffs. County Council?
• Broughton Community Choir Concert Saturday 15th July, St Paul’s Church, Croxton. Tickets available from the Artisan cafe

Community Transport – No report has been received.
Allotments – No report has been received.
Ecclian Society:-

• A joint Committee meeting was held on May 21st, primarily to review plans for Open Gardens and putting up all the street hanging baskets and mangers.
• A survey of the oak posts has been professionally carried out and the minor remedial work has been completed.
• The annual check of 30% of the brackets for hanging baskets and Christmas trees has been undertaken and all were found safe and strong.
• The hanging baskets and mangers were all erected on June 2nd and there were an excellent number of volunteers to do the work. There should again be a good show for the Eccleshall summer. The watering party are doing a good job following a very short blip at the start.
• The Open Gardens weekend is June 15-16th and the planning by Luke and Anne Serjeant is coming together well.

Children/Young People: No updates to report.

Correspondence to Note:

Resident complaint about antisocial behaviour of young people in the centre of town and dangerous cycling. A number of young people have been doing wheelies and other dangerous activities along the main roads in Eccleshall, as reported to the Clerk. Drivers have been seen to swerve to avoid the young people. This has been referred to the Police and is being addressed. The police have been able to witness the young people in the roads and have already spoken to them. The resident is also advised to report further instances to the police directly, so that they can build up a profile of activity and continue to address the issue.

Correspondence for consideration, additional information:

Suggestion for concessionary bus passes, resident letter:
To the parish council, regarding bus fares for our parish youth aged 11-20.
I note that Staffordshire County Council has confirmed that it is withdrawing the “Your Staffordshire” card scheme. This will see a doubling of the fare for young persons getting to Stafford, with students only receiving a 20% discount on D&G buses (such as the parish’s 8am bus service). This is a 48% increase in ticket prices for the parish’s youngsters. I have seen no sign of action by the Borough Council to address the problems that this will bring to our youth.
In the last year a lack of planning and communication from the various councils led to youngsters making their own arrangements and thus (when it was put in place) not using our bus service, undercutting its viability. For example, SGB sixth form students arranged for a pre-paid minibus, which would be unnecessary if the Your Staffordshire card and the morning peak bus service could be relied upon. Others rely on family or learn to drive early, marginally increasing traffic in Stafford.
I propose that the Parish Council immediately seek an arrangement with D&G to provide a discount card for our own young people, pegging the per-journey cost at a rate that makes the bus viable but is still attractive to them. Perhaps a card that gives them a special low rate for “our” 8am bus, and then a higher but still discounted rate for any other journey between Stafford and Eccleshall. For example, £1 for our 8am bus, and £1.30 for any other bus between Eccleshall and Stafford? Or a special weekly/monthly card rate similar to the arrangement that D&G have in Knutsford (£7.50/week).
I believe that unless a good plan is immediately put in place to encourage young people to use the public bus services – and done so before the 2019/20 school transport arrangements are confirmed – the 8am bus service will once again see no students at all from September, and D&G will cease to see students on their afternoon ‘return’ journeys, too. This harms our town as a whole, making other residents more isolated as services are withdrawn, so I urge rapid action to get this piece of the jigsaw into place.
Correspondence circulated, to note:
1. Stafford Borough Council Members Digest received and circulated.
2. SPCA Weekly Bulletins – forwarded to all.
3. Visit Stafford Updates

General Council Updates:

• Any items for inclusion on a meeting agenda must be received by the Clerk 10 clear days ahead of the meeting date.


SCC- Staffordshire County Council SARH – Stafford and Rural Homes
SBC- Stafford Borough Council SPCA – Staffordshire Parish Councils Assc.
EPC – Eccleshall Parish Council