A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on October 21st, 2020  at 7.30pm online via Zoom videoconferencing, following the Parish Council meeting at 9.05pm.

123/20).        Present were:-

 Councillor J. Jones  (Chairman)           Councillor L. Dale

Councillor R. Taylor                              Councillor R. Langford

Councillor G. Dale                               Councillor P. Jones

Councillor S. Perren                             Councillor P. Stenning

Councillor E. Amos                              Councillor S. Kean

Councillor J. Leather

Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)

No members of the public


Apologies were received from Councillors Delanchy, Wilkins and Mifflin.

124/20).       Public Participation:-


125/20).       Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on October 7th, 2020:-

The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and will be signed at the earliest opportunity.

126/20).        Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough Council:-

There were no new planning decisions to note since the last meeting.

127/20).       Planning Applications for consideration:-

S.20/06/4127 W – Application not to comply with (to vary) conditions 2 (approved documents and plans) and 16 (fuel types) of Stafford Borough Council planning permission 05/05475/FUL dated 3 February 2006 to increase the height of the emissions stack and to include the use of compost over size as an additional fuel source within the Biomass Facility at Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate – Eccleshall Biomass Facility, Swynnerton Road, Sturbridge, Stafford.

There were no objections to this application.

20/32899/FUL–    Excavations and formation of embankments to create slurry lagoon. Land North Of Old House Farm Kempsage Lane Garmelow.

There were no objections to this application.

20/33093/LBC – Addition of two rooflights over the kitchen area and the omission of a rooflight to the second floor shower room at the rear of the property. 49 High Street Eccleshall.

There were no objections to this application.

20/33021/FUL – Erection of agricultural building and construction of agricultural access track. Land East Of Brook Cottage Lower House Farm Lane Sugnall.

There were no objections to this application regarding the building, but the Council resolved to suggest that the point of access be reconsidered and an alternative access point opposite Brook Cottage was suggested, which is a shorter route and does not require removal of a large stretch of hedge.

20/33138/HOU – Proposed detached garage. Appledene Slindon Road Slindon.

There were no objections to this application.

128/20).       Any further applications for consideration:-

There were no further applications to consider.

129/20).       Any Other Planning Matters:-

To consider and respond to the proposal to install a telecommunications mast on Land to the East of Greatwood House, Bishops Offley, for use in a new ‘blue light’ communications service known as the Emergency Services Network. There were no objections to this proposal.

130/20).       To approve the response to the Government White Paper ‘ Planning for the Future’:

The proposed response to the government white paper had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting for review.

There were two questions where proposed amendments were suggested.

Question 4 asked for the top 3 priorities for local planning. It was resolved to retain the original top 3 priorities of more or better infrastructure, protection of green spaces and protection of existing heritage buildings or areas. The comment about the Neighbourhood plan will be removed.

Question 15 asked about the design of new development in the area. It was resolved to remove the listed option of ugly in the response but to retain the concerns about poor design, and to emphasise the increase in flooding since the larger developments have been built.

131/20).       Correspondence:-

No correspondence has been received.

132/20).       Date and venue for next meeting:

November 4th, 2020, Via Zoom online meeting, 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.40pm.