A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on February 3rd at 7.30pm, online via Zoom videoconferencing.

20/21).         Present were:-   

Councillor B. Delanchy  (Chairman)     Councillor L. Dale            

Councillor R. Taylor                              Councillor R. Langford

Councillor G. Dale                               Councillor P. Jones

Councillor S. Perren                             Councillor P. Stenning     

Councillor E. Amos                              Councillor S. Kean

Councillor J. Leather                            Councillor J. Jones  

Councillor S. Mifflin                             Councillor C. Wilkins                                                                                                          

 Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)

 Two members of the public

  No apologies were received.

2121).       Public Participation:-

There was no public participation.

22/21).       Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on January 20th, 2021:-

The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

23/21).       Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough Council:-

20/33190/COU-   Change of use of dwellinghouse (Class C3) to residential care home (Class C2). Greatwood,  Offleybrook Road, Offleybrook . Application Withdrawn.

20/33455/COU – Change of use of agricultural land to residential use. Land Adjacent 16 The

Woodlands Cold Meece. Application Withdrawn.

S.20/06/4127 W – Application not to comply with (to vary) conditions 2 (approved

documents and plans) and 16 (fuel types) of Stafford Borough Council planning permission 05/05475/FUL dated 3 February 2006 to increase the height of the emissions stack and to include the use of compost over size as an additional fuel source within the Biomass Facility. Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate – Eccleshall Biomass Facility,

Swynnerton Road, Sturbridge. Approved with conditions.

20/33202/HOU – Proposed two storey extension and single storey orangery extension

to rear, external and internal alterations; proposed detached oak framed garage and alterations to existing access and parking area.  Prospect Farm Sytch Lane Slindon. Approved.

19/31283/LBC – Proposed conversion of barns to create 7 residential units. Brockton Hall Brockton Lane Eccleshall. Approved.

19/31282/FUL – Proposed conversion of barns to create 7 residential units. In conjunction

 with 19/31283/LBC. Brockton Hall Brockton Lane Eccleshall. Approved.

 24/21).       Planning Applications for consideration:-

There were no applications for consideration.

25/21).       Any further applications for consideration:-

There were no further applications for consideration.

26/21).       Any Other Planning Matters:-

There were no other planning matters.

27/21).       Correspondence:-

No correspondence had been received. It was noted that there had been some recent correspondence on flooding, which will be on the main Parish Council agenda for the 17th February. Cllr. Perren advised conversations and actions were ongoing with the Flood Action Group and would be updated at the main Council meeting.

28/21).       Accounts for payment:

Retrospective approval was given for payment of the following invoice, which was paid in advance of the meeting in order to adhere to the payment due date:

Traction Equipment (Stafford) Ltd – Cherrypicker hire


The committee resolved to approve the purchase of a Neighbourhood Planning reference book at a cost of £24.50 plus postage for use by the Clerk on her course and also as a useful reference source for the Council.

29/21).       Date and venue for next meeting:

February 17th, 2021, Via Zoom online meeting, after the Parish Council meeting.


                   There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 7.38pm.