The Dell’s Footpath

After many years of campaigning a walk was organised on Saturday April 18th 2009 to officially re-open a footpath through ‘The Dells’ a route linking Eccleshall with Wincote Lane. The footpath had been omitted from the Definitive Map in the 1950’s.footpath1Over 50 walkers attended the opening walk. The route was formally opened by John Wood who used to walk the path as a child from his home at Laundry Cottage to Eccleshall Secondary Modern School.
Refreshments were provided at Wincote Grange by Jill and Steve Rodgers. The costs of signage and kissing gates, installed by David Greenaway, had been funded jointly by the County Council and Parish Council. Councillors John Allen and Henry Butter were thanked for their determination and perseverance in persuading the County Council to re-consider the case for re-opening the route.
A leaflet has been printed and is Number 12 in a series of circular walks around Eccleshall Parish. The leaflets are available from Eccleshall Library and the Parish Clerk.

Eccleshall has a very extensive Parish, the second largest in the County, comprising some 20,000 acres.
There are 134 public rights of way in the Parish listed by the County Council and set down in the DEFINITIVE MAP.
Considerable work has been undertaken by the Parish with the agreement of Landowners, farmers and Staffordshire County Council to improve the network of Rights of Way.
Stiles have been installed, finger pointer posts, waymarking and bridges built.
There are 18 volunteer walkers who report problems to the Parish Council, each volunteer looks after and walks monthly, 8 paths.
A cardex system is maintained giving data for each path/right of way
The Parish Council has a footpaths budget and employs a handyman.
All rights of way have been waymarked.

A booklet has been printed detailing 9 favourite walks in the Parish and 12 walk leaflets are available.

Copies of the 12 leaflets and the book are available from Eccleshall Library or Mrs. S. Worden, 16, Newport Road, Great Bridgeford. e.mail: . Alternatively, the walks are available for downloading as pdf documents:-

Walk Downloads

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Walk No. 1 – Copmere Ramblefootpath3 – Walk Leaflet No. 1 – click here
Walk No. 2 – Eccleshall – Brockton – Copmere – Pershall – Walk Leaflet No. 2 – click here
Walk No. 3 – Eccleshall – Elford – Wootton – Eccleshall – Walk Leaflet No. 3 – click here
Walk No. 4 – Croxton – Highlanes – Chatcull – Croxton – Walk Leaflet No. 4 – click here
Walk No. 5 – Broughton – Fairoak – Hookgate – Broughton – Walk Leaflet No. 5 – click here
Walk No. 6 – Croxton – Fairoak – Bishop’s Wood – Croxton – Walk Leaflet No. 6 – click here
Walk No. 7 – Eccleshall – Ellenhall – Walton – Chebsey – Walk Leaflet No. 7 – click here
Walk No. 8 – Eccleshall – Pershall – Copmere – Walk Leaflet No. 8 – click here
Walk No. 9 – Eccleshall – Waltonhurst – Ellenhall – Eccleshall – Walk Leaflet No. 9 – click here
Walk No. 10 – Eccleshall to Croxton and return via Sugnall – Walk Leaflet No. 10 – click here
Walk No. 11 – Eccleshall – Elford – Horsley – Cash Lane – Wincote – Eccleshall – Walk Leaflet No. 11 – click here
Walk No. 12 – Eccleshall– Shaws Lane– Johnson Hall– The Dells– Wincote– Cash Lane – Elford Heath – Walk Leaflet No. 12 – click here