Eccleshall Parish Council

Mrs. S.J. Worden, 16, Newport Road, Great Bridgeford, Stafford ST18 9PR  01785 282296

You are summoned to attend a meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council, to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday January 16th, 2019 at Eccleshall Community Centre, followed by a meeting of the Planning Committee.

1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To consider Councillor requests for dispensations and declarations of interest.

3. Public Participation.

4. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on November 21st 2018.

5. To receive any reports from Borough & County Councillors.

6. To receive Committee Reports:-
Traffic Management Committee
• To discuss and approve the project outline for Vehicle Activate Signage
• To approve quotes to order and install gateways at Slindon.
• To note the planned withdrawal of SCC support for the school crossing patrol.
• Update on repairs to Croxton Play area
• Benches for Copmere Picnic area
Policy & Resources
• Precept 2019/20
• Adoption of updated Standing Orders
• Provision of committee minutes on the website, including drafts where necessary
• Adoption of the new Training and Development Policy.
• Adoption of the updated Acceptance of Office form and Co-Option application form
• To approve the quotation for the purchase of laptop and related software.
• Grant recommendation for the 1st Eccleshall Scout Group.

7. To note the Liaison Representatives reports, as summarised in the Clerks Report.
• Allotments – to consider the requests for:
i. Revision of the specification for the maximum height of storage boxes from 3ft to the nearest metric equivalent.
ii. Council opinion on if polytunnels can be allowed on site.
iii. Liaison with Severn Trent on behalf of the allotments to request the re-siting of the water meter.

8. To discuss the potential removal of the 13A bus service and any options for continuation.

9. To discuss a proposal from Cllr. Pert for match funding for gully cleansing.

10. To consider and approve provision of Civic Amenity Visits 2019/20

11. To consider any new and proposed development updates:
• Taylor Wimpey Site
• Bovis
• Roundabout Feature
• Cross Butts

12. To receive the Clerk’s Report and correspondence for consideration:
• Flooding of track off Langot Lane.

13. To receive the Chairman’s Report.

14. To consider and approve accounts for payment.

15. To request any future agenda items and confirm the date and venue for next meeting – February 20th, 2019, Parish Council Meeting – Eccleshall Community Centre, 7.30pm


1. Apologies

2. Public Participation.

3. To approve the minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on Jan 2nd 2019.

4. To note the planning decisions of Stafford Borough Council:-

5. Planning Applications for consideration:-

S.18/12/467 W – Application to consolidate the existing permitted open windrow composting operations inc. all development permitted by S.13/22/467 W (excluding all elements related to anaerobic digestion) and removal of steelwork for the partly built Anaerobic Digester building; the erection of a new shredder building and the operation of a shredder therein; the construction of a concrete storage area and the importation of wood waste for shredding, composting and milling in the permitted milling building. Mill Farm, Chebsey.

6. To consider any further applications:

7. To consider any other planning matters:

8. To consider any correspondence received:-

9. To confirm the date and venue for next meeting:- February 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre 7.30pm.

Please note the following meeting dates:-
Resources and Policy Committee:- March 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre following the meeting of the Planning Committee.
Enhancements Committee:- February 6th 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre following the meeting of the Planning Committee.
Traffic Management Committee:- March 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre preceding the meeting of the Planning Committee at 7pm.
Footpaths Committee:- February 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre preceding the meeting of the Planning Committee at 7pm.

S. J. Worden………
Clerk to the council – 10/01/2019