A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on June 17th, 2020 online via Zoom videoconferencing, following the Parish Council meeting at 8.45pm.

58/20).   Present were:-   

Councillor B. Delanchy (Chairman); Councillor L. Dale; Councillor R. Taylor;

Councillor R. Langford; Councillor G. Dale; Councillor P. Jones; Councillor J. Jones;

Councillor S. Mifflin; Councillor E. Amos; Councillor J. Leather; Councillor S. Perren;

Councillor C. Wilkins; Councillor M. Watson; Councillor P. Stenning

Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)

Apologies were received from Councillor Mullee. 

59/20).   Public Participation:-


60/20).   Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Mar 18th, 2020

The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and will be signed at the earliest opportunity. 

61/20).   Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough Council and comments submitted under delegated powers since the last meeting:- 
 Comments submitted under delegation March-June 2020:
Application Reference Date Received Deadline date Details Address Comment submitted
20/31743/HOU 26/03/2020 09/04/2020 Refurbishment of existing three storey dwelling including small rear extension. In conjunction with 20/31744/LBC 49 High Street, Eccleshall No objection



28/03/2020 06/04/2020 Amended plan Land at former Claremont Garage, Stafford Road Eccleshall Whilst it is noted that some concerns previously noted have been addressed, Eccleshall Parish Council continues to object to this application on the grounds that the massing at the bottom is still too high and plots 5, 7 and 7 will be overbearing to residents on Market Fields. A further reduction in height is still requested.
20/32127/OUT 02/04/2020 23/04/2020 Residential development for 2 detached dwellings for access – all other matters reserved. Eagle Inn Car Park Newport Road Eccleshall Objected to this application on the grounds of insufficient visibility splay indicated on the plan. This is in line with the comments submitted by the County Council, which requests a revised plan for the splays in accordance with current national guidance. The Parish Council notes this is a fast corner and clear visibility is critical.
19/31282/FUL & 19/31283/LBC 06/04/2020 20/04/2020 The description of development has been amended to the following: “Proposed conversion of barns to create 7 residential units” Barns at Brockton  No Objection
Brockton Hall Brockton Lane Eccleshall
20/32133/HOU 09/04/2020 30/04/2020 New pitched roof on existing flat roof. Church House, Slindon Road, Slindon  No Objection (29/4/20)
 20/32181/HOU 21/04/2020  12/05/2020 Construction of link to garage to provide accommodation for elderly relative.  Croft Cottage, Cash Lane, Garmelow   No Objection (6/5/20)
20/31767/FUL 29/4/2020 19/5/2020 Change of use of land to residential. Conversion of an existing outbuilding to an annexe. Land opposite to Orchard, Doley Road, Eccleshall Objected (18/5/20) as it is a new dwelling in the countryside and as such, contrary to Policy C4 of the Plan for Stafford Borough.

The Parish Council also request that the planning officer advise when the outbuilding was erected as this have needed planning permission due to its size.

20/32185/HOU 29/4/2020 19/5/2020 Extensions and alterations to existing cottage. Burley Cottage, Clayalders Bank, Standon. Objected (18/5/20) the proposed extension exceeded 70% of the original dwelling, in accordance with Policy C5, (C) Extensions or Alterations of The Plan for Stafford Borough.
20/32126/FUL 29/4/2020 20/5/2020 Seasonal Tipi Wedding venue including erection of tipi’s. Land to the North East, Butterley Hayes Farm, Horsley Road, Elford Heath. Objected** supplementary document submitted, highways, noise and visual impact issues raised.


18/5/2020 08/06/2020 Erection of maximum 1.8m high vertical timber boarded fence. Hillcrest, Swynnerton Road, Sturbridge No Objection submitted 5/6/2020


Decisions made by Stafford Borough Council March -June 2020:
Application Ref Details Address PC SBC
20/31930/HOU Proposed alterations to form study over garage 7 Langton Park Eccleshall Approve Approved
19/31613/OUT The development of up to 37 residential dwellings (Use Class C3), with means of site access from A519, Castle Street; earthworks to facilitate surface water drainage; and all other ancillary and enabling works. All other matters such as layout, scale, appearance and landscaping are reserved for subsequent approval Land Off Castle Street Eccleshall Object Refused
19/31532/HOU Two-storey extension to the rear 11 The Crescent Eccleshall Approve Approved
19/31279/FUL Variation of condition 2 on 17/27704/FUL and 17/27705/LBC Lea Knowle Farm Lea Knowle Lane Bishops Offley Approve Approved
19/31673/HOU and 19/31674/LBC Single storey timber orangery extension and re-rendering of the side and rear elevations of the existing dwelling. Southwell House, Horsefair Eccleshall Approve Approved
19/31596/REM Reserved Matters application for layout, scale, appearance and landscaping in relation to application 17/26714/OUT Land At Former Claremont Garage Stafford Road Eccleshall Object Approved with conditions
20/32181/HOU Construction of link to converted garage to provide accommodation for elderly relative. Croft Cottage Cash Lane Garmelow Approve Approved


New pitched roof on existing flat roof Church House Slindon Road Slindon Approve Approved
18/28613/TCA Works to Yew within Eccleshall Conservation Area 18 High Street Eccleshall Approved


APPEAL submitted to Secretary of State – Replacement Dwelling with extension of residential curtilage and retention of temporary caravan. Greatwood Farmhouse, Offleybrook Road. No objection by EPC, refused by SBC


With regards to planning application 19/31596/REM (Former Claremont Garage) it was noted that whilst the conditions imposed incorporated the Council’s request for a surface water drainage plan, there has been no consideration regarding the request to reduce the height of the development.

Members discussed the ongoing issue where Borough Council decisions do not take into account the objections of the Parish Council and data compiled from planning decisions made showed objections are often overruled.

The Clerk is awaiting a response from SBC planning regarding the request to explain why the objections are often overruled, and to the data submitted showing this lack of consistency between Parish and Borough Council decisions.

It was resolved that Cllr. Peter Jones would contact SBC planning, to request a response to the query, ask that specific feedback be provided to the Parish Council where a decision is made in contravention to the Council response, and whether a planning representative would meet with Council members to explain why.

62/20).  Planning Applications for consideration:-

20/32358/PAR – One proposed dwelling. Barn At Greatwood Farm Offleybrook Road Offleybrook. There were no objections to this application.

20/32476/PAR – Prior Approval – Change of use from two agricultural buildings into two dwellinghouses. Greenacres Farm, Wootton Lane, Eccleshall. There were no objections to this application, but members agreed to comment on the potential lack of parking for the planned structure.

63/20).   Any further applications for consideration:-

20/32452/HOU – Resubmission of planning application 19/30521/HOU – proposed single storey extension and double garage in addition to previous application 18/29408/HOU two storey rear extension, single storey side extension and side orangery, with amendments including to the repositioning of orangery, to the windows of first floor North West elevation, the height of the roof of rear extension, and repositioning of chimney on the North West elevation. Laburnham Cottage Doley Road Eccleshall.

 The application further increased the size of the proposed extension. As the original objection was  an objection due to the excessive size, it was resolved to continue to object on the grounds that the application exceeds 70% of the original dwelling, in accordance with Policy C5, (C) Extensions or Alterations of The Plan for Stafford Borough. The Council continues to make specific reference to the excessive size, scale and siting of the proposed garage within the curtilage.

20/32501/PAR – Prior Approval – Change of use of agricultural building to dwelling house. Dutch Barn At Greatwood Farm Offleybrook Road Offleybrook. This application had only been received today. Therefore it was resolved to delegate the Clerk, in conjunction with the Chair, to consider and  submit a response before the deadline.

64/20).  Any Other Planning Matters:-

20/32126/FUL, Seasonal Tipi Wedding venue planning application:- The Parish Council has already objected to this application, but since the submission, some members advised additional items of concern had come to light and should be raised in addition to the original objection. This included issues such as the completion of a hardcore parking area, variations in reports between numbers of planned events and parking requirements, and the accuracy of claims regarding sound levels. A comprehensive objection submitted by a resident was brought to the attention of the Council. It was resolved to submit an additional document detailing the concerns. Cllrs. Stenning and Wilkins agreed to provide the details to the Clerk.

To consider a request to Bovis to remove the large wire fences at the bottom of the Bovis housing development beyond the balancing pond and verging onto path 17:- the HERAS fencing no longer appears to be needed and some is broken or lying flat. It was resolved to ask Bovis to remove the fencing.

65/20).  Correspondence:-

No correspondence has been  received

66/20).   To confirm the frequency and date of the next meeting:-

As agreed in the main Council meeting, monthly planning meetings will be convened. A meeting on the 1st July will only be convened if planning applications are received with a deadline date prior to the meeting planned for the 15th July.

67/20).  To consider any requirement for ongoing delegation to the Clerk in conjunction with the Chairman to respond to any urgent planning applications.

It was resolved that no ongoing blanket delegation was required at this stage due to the reinstatement of meetings.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.40pm.