Jan 16th, 2019

A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on January 16th, 2019 at Eccleshall Community Centre, following the Parish Council meeting at 9.35pm.

14/19). Present were:-
Councillor B. Delanchy (Chairman); Councillor P. Baskerville
Councillor R. Langford;   Councillor J. Jones
Councillor G. Garner;  Councillor C. Marshall
Councillor P. Mullee;  Councillor E. Amos
Councillor P. Alcock;  Councillor P. Jones
Councillor L. Dale
Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Leather, Price and Jacques.
Absent: Cllr. P. Edwards

15/19). Public Participation:- There was one member of the public present.

16/19). Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on January 2nd, 2019 – The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and signed with one amendment noted – with regards to the Bovis planning objection in 6/19), it should read the Catholic Church not the Methodist Church.

17/19). Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough/County Council:-

18/29368/FUL – Agricultural building for the storage and pressing of apples and equipment
ancillary to orchard operations at the site. Greenacres Browns Bridge Slindon. Approved.

18/19). Planning Applications for consideration:-
S.18/12/467 W – Application to consolidate the existing permitted open windrow composting operations inc. all development permitted by S.13/22/467 W (excluding all elements related to anaerobic digestion) and removal of steelwork for the partly built Anaerobic Digester building; the erection of a new shredder building and the operation of a shredder therein; the construction of a concrete storage area and the importation of wood waste for shredding, composting and milling in the permitted milling building. Mill Farm, Chebsey. There were no objections to this application.

19/19). Any further applications for consideration:-
19/29873/HOU – Side and rear pitched roof extension to property. Whiteheath House, Eabon Lane, Offley Hay. The application had only just been received and had not been reviewed ahead of the meeting. The committee resolved to grant a dispensation for the Chair to comment on the application on behalf of the Committee, ahead of the deadline of the 31st January.

20/19). Any Other Planning Matters:-
No other planning matters were received.

21/19). Correspondence:-
Concerns about access from Taylor Wimpey play area – following on from the concerns discussed in the Parish Meeting about planned access from the play area to the private car park of the Community Centre, Cllr. P. Jones will raise the issue with the Stafford Borough Council Planning department when at the Council buildings next week. The Clerk will supply Cllr. P. Jones with the relevant information.

22/19). Date and venue for next meeting:- Feb 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre, 7.30pm, following a meeting of the footpaths committee.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.45pm.