Sept 18th, 2019

A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on September 18th, 2019 at Eccleshall Community Centre, following the Parish Council meeting at 9.20pm.

181/19). Present were:- Councillor B. Delanchy (Chairman); Councillor J. Jones
Councillor R. Langford; Councillor R. Taylor
Councillor L. Dale;Councillor P. Jones
Councillor E. Amos; Councillor J. Leather
Councillor S. Mifflin; Councillor P. Mullee
Councillor S. Perren

Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Stenning, Watson and Marshall. Councillor P. Edwards was absent.

182/19). Public Participation:- There were no members of the public present.

183/19). Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Sept 4th, 2019 – The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and signed.

184/19). Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough/County Council:-

19/30908/HOU – Erection of detached garage. Brick Kiln Farm Blackwaters Road Offley Hay. Approved.

185/19). To note the amendment to feedback on 9/30307/HOU – Proposed rear garden room. The Parlour, Pershall Lane, Eccleshall. At the previous meeting the application was objected to under the consideration that extensions to barn conversions were not allowed under SBC planning policy. The Clerk was requested to confirm current policy, and SBC advised there was not a definitive policy statement that refused applications under these conditions. Based on this guidance, a submission of no objection was submitted, as there were no other concerns about the application. Cllr. Delanchy noted that in the past the Council have objected to extensions to barn conversions, and there is some ambiguity within the policy regarding this type of application. Bearing this in mind, the Council will consider future applications on a case by case basis and if agreed, continue to object on these terms.

186/19). Planning Applications for consideration:-

19/31084/FUL – Siting of a static caravan as a temporary dwelling unit for up to 2 years and siting of a staff welfare unit for a period up to 2 years during the construction of the new dwelling unit at Fledgling Farm. Fledgling Farm, Old Hall Lane, Mill Meece. There were no objections to this application.

19/31096/HOU – Proposed two storey part single storey extension to rear with alterations to first floor window to front elevation. 3 Browns Bridge, Slindon, Stafford. There were no objections to this application.

19/30645/REM – Amended Plans. Claremont Garage Stafford Road Eccleshall. There were no objections to this application.

19/30227/HOU – Amended Application. Burley Cottage, Clayalders Bank, Eccleshall. The Council continues to object to this application as the proposed extension exceeded 70% of the original dwelling, in accordance with Policy C5, (C) Extensions or Alterations of The Plan for Stafford Borough.

187/19). Any further applications for consideration:-

There were no further applications for consideration.

188/19). Any Other Planning Matters:-

Update regarding Health and Safety issue with the Balancing pond at Overton Manor:-
Following the request for Stafford Borough Council to consider the need for fencing of the balancing pond, and to undertake a health and safety assessment of the area, a response was received from the planning department. The Council has been advised that following a review of the planning history, none of the permissions have a specific condition which covers boundary treatments, so any fencing erected is at the discretion of the developer. As the Borough Council are not adopting the open space, it advises is it is not responsible for undertaking any risk assessments.
The Committee resolved for the Clerk to write to Taylor Wimpey to re-iterate its concerns and that any liability for incidents will lie with Taylor Wimpey, and to note the Council has advised the heath and safety issue with the area. The Clerk will also request for a risk assessment to be completed, confirmation that the surrounding planting scheme has been completed, and also to ask that the fence around the main play area be erected as a matter of urgency.

Cold Meece Garden Village Proposal:- The Clerk was asked to contact SBC planning to obtain any plans/information about the proposal that can be shared with the Council.

Appeal regarding Tree Preservation order:- Residents in St. Chad’s Road have been advised an appeal has been lodged against the recent tree preservation order for a number of trees located on land behind St. Chads Road.

A councillor noted they had been advised by another Parish Council that the War Memorial located at Cold Meece/Swynnerton falls within Eccleshall Parish. Members were unclear as to whether this was correct, and the Clerk will look into it.

189/19). Correspondence:-
No correspondence had been received.

190/19). Date and venue for next meeting:- October 2nd, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre, 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.55pm.