A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on May 5th, 2021 online via Zoom videoconferencing, following the Parish Council meeting at 9.35 p.m.

77/21).        Present were: –   

Councillor B. Delanchy (Chairman)     Councillor L. Dale             

Councillor R. Taylor                              Councillor S. Mifflin

Councillor G. Dale                               Councillor P. Jones

Councillor S. Perren                             Councillor C. Wilkins       

Councillor P. Stenning                         Councillor S. Kean

Councillor J. Leather                            Councillor J. Jones  

Councillor A. Reid                                Councillor R. Langford                                                                                                     

 Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk) Mrs. B. Partridge (Assistant Clerk)        

78/21).       To elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman: –

 Councillor P. Jones took the Chair and requested nominations for Chairman of the Planning

 Committee. Councillor Delanchy was re-elected for the ensuing year.

Councillor Delanchy requested nominations for Vice-Chairman of the Committee and Councillor Joy       Jones was nominated and duly re-elected.      

79/21).       Apologies: –

Apologies were received from Councillor E. Amos

80/21).       Public Participation

        There was no public participation.

81/21).       To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee held on April 22nd, 2021

The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and will be signed at the earliest    opportunity.

82/21).       Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough Council:

21/33978/TCA21 – Eccleshall Conservation Area: Malus spp. (Apple)(T1) – Crown reduction by up to 20% and crown clean; Malus spp. Apple) (T2) – Remove; False Cypress (T3) – Remove 33 Stone Road Eccleshall Stafford ST21 6DL. Approved.

21/33807/TWT –  No. 603 of 2016: Quercus spp. (Oak) – Remove up to 3m length of material from height of southwestern stem and reduce lateral growth by rectifying previous pruning stubs and light thinning works to give a minimum clearance of 2m from building through full height. Reduce southern crow by up to 2m length of material to balance above works.    Review northern and western crown at time of works and lightly thin (if required) to leave balanced shape. |22 Overton Close, Eccleshall Stafford ST21 6DA. Approved.

82/21).       Planning Applications for consideration: –

Cllr. P. Jones abstained from voting on planning applications in order to avoid any conflict of interests as a current member of the Borough Council planning committee.

21/33822 HOU – Amended application, Burley Cottage, Clayalders Bank, Standon. There were no   objections to this application.

83/21).        Any further applications for consideration: –

There were no further applications to consider.

84/21).        Any Other Planning Matters: –

The Committee resolved to approve the drafted letter to The Rt. Hon. Robert Jenrick, M.P., Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, which will be signed by the Chairman of the Council. This letter concerns the recent appeal decision by an Inspector concerning the planning application for ‘up to 37 residential dwellings on land east of Castle Street’ in Eccleshall. The Parish Council is writing to express concern that the Appeal decision of the Inspector had not acknowledged the substantial and unanimous objections to the application by almost 100 Eccleshall residents; the substantial evidence of flooding; that the housing development had far exceeded the town’s designated quota for affordable housing development during the past five years and that Eccleshall’s infrastructure is already insufficient to meet the needs of the increasing population.

The Parish Council also wished to express concerns that the current planning legislations, regulations, and official guidance allows a single national Planning Inspector who is not elected or accountable to the community, to make an adjudication of such an appeal and requests that the Minister:

  1. Considers the appeal decision and overrules the Inspector’s decision and,
  2. Reviews, revises or amends the relevant legislation, regulations and guidance.

85/21).        Correspondence: –

 No correspondence had been received.

86/21).        Planning feedback required before the next convened meeting: –

It was resolved to approve delegation to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman to respond to planning applications that require a response prior to the next legally convened planning meeting. Members will be given the opportunity to consider the planned response ahead of submission and provide comment.

87/21).        Date and venue for next meeting:

June 23rd 2021 at Offley Hay, following the meeting of the Parish Council, and subject to Covid restrictions being lifted.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.40pm.