Feb 20th, 2019

A meeting of Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee was held on Feb 20th, 2019 at Eccleshall Community Centre, following the Parish Council meeting at 9.20pm.

37/19). Present were:- Councillor B. Delanchy (Chairman) Councillor P. Baskerville
Councillor R. Langford Councillor J. Jones
Councillor G. Garner Councillor J. Leather
Councillor P. Mullee Councillor T. Price
Councillor P. Alcock Councillor P. Jones
Councillor L. Dale Councillor P. Edwards
Mrs S.J. Worden (Clerk)
One member of the public

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Marshall and Amos. Councillor D. Jacques was absent.

38/19). Public Participation:- There was one member of the public present, who did not wish to speak.

39/19). Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on February 6th, 2019 – The minutes, which had been previously circulated, were agreed and signed.

40/19). Planning Decisions of Stafford Borough/County Council:-

18/29769/FUL – Retrospective application for change of use of agricultural building to single dwellinghouse, and proposed works to include the provision of a septic tank, soakaway and ground source heating pipes on adjacent agricultural land. The Briary Eabon Lane Offley Hay. Approved.

18/29428/HOU – Alterations and extension to a single storey dwelling. Gardeners Lodge Wincote Lane Wootton. Approved.

19/29873/HOU – Side and rear pitched roof extension to property. Whiteheath House, Eabon Lane Offley Hay. Approved.

18/29792/TWT – TPO No. 517 of 2009: Aesculus sp. (Horse Chestnut) – Fell. Horsley Hall
Horsley Hall Estate Horsley Lane Eccleshall. Approved.

41/19). Planning Applications for consideration:-

18/29614/FUL – Change of use from ancillary accommodation to a detached dwelling with minor alterations. In conjunction with 19/29962/LBC. Drift House, Langot Lane, Fair Oak. The committee resolved to object to the application as it is for a new dwelling in the countryside and as such, contrary to Policy C4 of the Plan for Stafford Borough.

19/29855/LBC and 19/30018/HOU – Remove two internal walls and build a stud partition in bedroom, change external doors and windows and build small extension to rear. 12 Stone Road, Eccleshall. There were no objections to this objection.

18/29445/COU – Construction of Drainage Pump Station. Land to the North, The Burgage, Eccleshall. The application was discussed in detail and neighbour objections were noted. It Some of the comments related back to the original application and were not relevant in this instance. Although the station is technically outside of the Neighbourhood Boundary, this is acceptable under various utilities legislation, in order to ensure provision of necessary infrastructure. Adoption of the facility is between the developer and Severn Trent and the Borough Council planning are not involved. The committee resolved to respond to the planning department to raise concerns regarding the possibility of noise from the station. It was also noted that drawing numbers did not match the information provided and the committee will request clarification regarding the correct drawing revision. The approved drawing for the Burgage application which shows the pumping station is 29298-620 P3, but the application 18/29445 references two drawings on the planning portal, 29298-620 P1 and P2. The actual drawing supplied to the committee for this application was 28560-670 P1.

19/29936/FUL – Retain existing construction access from Stafford Road for 18 months. Land at Stafford Road, Eccleshall. There were no objections to this objection.

18/29783/FUL – Amended application. Blore Pipe Cottage, Langot Lane, Fair Oak. In line with feedback submitted for the original application, the committee resolved to object to the application as it is for a new dwelling in the countryside and as such, contrary to Policy C4 of the Plan for Stafford Borough.

42/19). Any further applications for consideration:-
18/29782/ADV – 12 Proposed Signs. The Eagle Inn, Horsefair, Eccleshall. The committee resolved to request an extension until 7th March to allow time to fully consider the application.

19/30055/HOU – Double glazed lantern light in existing flat roofed extension. 26 Hartlands Road, Eccleshall. Consideration of this application was deferred to the meeting of the 6th March, ahead of the submission deadline of the 7th March.

43/19). Any Other Planning Matters:-
• To provide feedback to the Stone Parish Liaison Group regarding a response to SBC on representations to planning committees:- It was noted that Parish Councils have the right to give an opinion but are not a statutory consultee. The committee resolved to consider the proposed statement submitted by the Liaison group and discuss at the next planning meeting on the 6th March.

44/19). Correspondence:-
No correspondence had been received.

45/19). Date and venue for next meeting:- Mar 6th, 2019, Eccleshall Community Centre, 7.30pm, following a meeting of the Traffic Management committee.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.50pm.