The Eagle Street Art Project

Eccleshall Parish Council is currently going through the necessary procedures to erect a piece of Street Art, in the form of an Eagle Sculpture, on the new roundabout by the Bovis Development, Stafford Road.

The suggestion to include a gateway feature on the roundabout has been under discussion since August 2015, and when the initial proposal of the Eagle was raised alternative suggestions were noted as being welcomed throughout the preliminary discussions. All discussions regarding the project have been minuted and made available for public reference.

The Parish Council is fully aware of the exact origin of the town name, as can be attested on the Eccleshall Guide website. The Eagle sculpture was decided upon more so for the number of local links such as Eagle Farm, Eagle House, The Eagle Inn, Eagle Crescent, Eccleshall Eagles Junior Football Club, Emblem of Eccleshall Cricket Club, the Eagle atop the Old Market Hall and the Eagle Victorian Fire engine, displayed in the Co-op .

The cost has never been estimated at more than approximately £13500 in total, the majority of which is being funded by generous contributions from 2 organisations, who are contributing £5,000 and £3,000 to the project delivery, and the architect who is not charging for his time. A generous grant has also been obtained from the Staffordshire County Council Community Fund.

The Parish Council is grateful to all the organisations for supporting this project. Latest details of the project funding estimates are available in the Parish Council minutes of September 2017, which are available in Eccleshall library, and will shortly be available on our new wesbite, which is under construction. We apologise that the minutes can’t be displayed on this website at the current time, due to a technical issue.

If required, the Clerk can also be contacted for a copy, by email at