Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

A meeting of the Traffic Management Committee was held on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 at Eccleshall Community Centre at 6.45pm.

1).   Present were:-      

Councillor L. Dale (Chair);    Councillor J. Leather

Councillor S. Perren (from 6.55pm);      Councillor R. Langford

Councillor P. Stenning (from 6.50pm);     Councillor P. Jones

Councillor J. Jones;                                 Councillor E. Amos

Councillor. G. Dale

Mrs S. J. Worden (Clerk)

Apologies:- No apologies to receive.

2).   Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday Jan 8th, 2020:-

The minutes, which had previously been noted by the Council were agreed and will be signed at the earliest opportunity.

3).   Electric Charging Points:-  

A recent press release advised that electric charging points have recently been allocated – 3 to Stone and 7 to Stafford, but Eccleshall has not been considered. The last report from the County Council is that an action plan is under consideration as a result of a recently commissioned report.

It was resolved to recommend that the Council write to County Councillor Pert and Borough Councillor P. Jones to highlight its disappointment that EPC were not included in the allocation of free electric car charging points, given across the Borough Council area. It hopes to be kept informed of any further grant opportunities.

4).   LED Lights for the Stafford Street Zebra Crossing

The zebra crossing is around 20 years old and the lights need updating so it is more clearly visible to drivers. The committee agreed the LED lit pole system, as used extensively in Shropshire, would be beneficial to the crossing. It was resolved to recommend that the Council ask Cllr. Pert to support updating of the 20 year old lighting system at the very busy zebra crossing in Eccleshall.

5).   Concerns regarding excess speed on Shaws Lane:-

 The speed of traffic and safety of pedestrians who have to walk on the road has been discussed extensively with Highways for 2 years, but there is no interest in reducing the speed limit along that stretch, as suggested by Parish Council members. Residents have expressed concerns about the speed along the road. It was noted that previous speed reduction projects such as Slindon’s 40mph zone have been supported by an extensive report and formal proposal to the County Council. Cllr. Stenning has volunteered to work on a proposal for the committee to consider. It was resolved for Cllr. Stenning to prepare a submission and to submit to the Council for discussion.

6).   To provide an update on the Speed Indication Devices and feasibility of additional signage on the device posts.           

The speed indication devices are now all working properly. The Clerk looked into the feasibility of installing fixed speed warning signs onto the existing poles, below the device mounts. However this is not possible as there is not sufficient clearance from the ground to the base of any sign, which in accordance of highway regulations is approximately 2300mm off the floor.

7).   To receive feedback from SCC regarding compliance to the 40mph speed zone in Slindon.

SCC advised that the speed reduction scheme did not involve any follow up work to check compliance with the new speed limits and if any data were required to assess the extent of the issue, this would need to be funded from the County Councillor Divisional Highways Programme funds. It was noted that the main speeders were lorries and tractors. It was resolved to request Safer Roads Partnership for a speed van to be located in the area.

8).   Correspondence:-
  • To discuss resident concerns and request to petition highways to make Doomers Lane one way to reduce accidents. Whilst the concerns of the residents were noted, the implementation of a one way system may cause issues for local agricultural vehicles who need the flexibility of access. It was resolved to ask if Highways will install signage on the main road to advise traffic to slow down due to the dangerous junction.
  • Resident concerns about speeding on the Newport Road, Stone Road, and Walkmill. The committee noted the resident concerns and have requested the attendance of speed vans where possible.
  • Resident request for an elderly resident signage on the Stone Road before the bend entering the town, including rumble strips /humps. It was noted that some years ago, rumble strips were installed in an area of Eccleshall and subsequently were removed due to resident complaints about the noise. The Parish Council has requested speed mitigation measures and signage in the past, on a number of occasions, which has been refused.
  • Update from the Speedwatch Team. The report was noted by the committee, which expressed its thanks to the Speedwatch team for its hard work. It was noted that the team often receives threats and abuse for their work.
  • Resident request for the Parish Council to formally ask the police to address the increase in parked vehicle pavement obstruction by arranging a targeted campaign. It was resolved to write to the local PCSO to raise the issue and to see if there is any action they can take to implement checks whilst in the area. It was noted that this occurs in many areas, including Church St. as a result of church events.
9).  Items for next meeting:-

Any items for the next meeting can be forwarded to the Clerk.

10).  Date of next meeting:- to be confirmed.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 7.25pm.