A meeting of the Traffic Management Committee was held on Wednesday, Jan 8th, 2020 at Eccleshall Community Centre at 9.20pm, following a meeting of the Planning Committee.

1). Present were:-

Councillor L. Dale (Chair); Councillor J. Leather; Councillor S. Perren; Councillor R. Langford;
Councillor P. Stenning

Mrs S. J. Worden (Clerk)

Apologies:- Apologies were accepted from Cllrs. P. Jones, J. Jones and Amos.

2). Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday Oct 2nd, 2019:-

The minutes, which had previously been noted by the Council were agreed and signed.

3). Matters arising from the Minutes:-

There were no matters arising.
4). To provide any feedback received from Highways Officers on outstanding meeting items and confirm any new agenda items for the next meeting.
The meeting scheduled for December has been moved to the 28th January at 11am at the Stone Highways depot. An update on outstanding items was provided by Highways Officers in December and circulated to all members by the Clerk. Any items to add to the new agenda to be given to the Clerk. It was noted that an inspector had looked at the potholes on the newly resurfaced Ankerton Lane and that the surface was below standard and it is expected to be rectified shortly.

5). Update on the installation and rotation of Speed Indication Devices:-

The feedback from the devices has been very positive. The Clerk advised that the low light conditions and shading at the location by the Cricket Club has meant that on occasion the power levels have been too low to display the speeds. However, the speed data will still be recorded. The Clerk will look to amend the rota for next year to avoid the darkest month in that location. Elan City has confirmed that the units are correctly calibrated for speed at the factory, and differences will be observed between the units and car speedometers due to the margin of error found in car speedometers, which can vary but are often at around 3-4 mph slower than actual speed. It was noted that at the Cricket Club, the sensors are able to detect cars outside of the 30mph zone, but the Clerk will be able to amend the advanced settings to correct this. If the units are due to be moved in the next few days, this will be done on the next rotation in that location. Due to the success of the devices, purchase of a further 2 devices was discussed, which would cost approximately £4,000. The committee resolved to recommend the purchase of a further two devices to use in the existing locations.

6). To discuss the provision of sign cleaning and removal of obscuring vegetation:

Councillors were advised that all signage in need of cleaning and removal of obscuring vegetation could be reported via ‘reportit’ to Highways, and it was recommended that all councillors do this, and also advise the Clerk of the reports made. Attaching photos to the report is very helpful. It was noted that there is often a quicker response in the summer, as there may be less demand on resources.

7). To consider addition of disabled parking spaces in the High Street:

In the past there was a disabled bay in the High Street, but it was removed as it was unpopular with residents. The committee noted that it would reduce general availability of spaces. The committee felt there was no need for further disabled spaces at this point in time as all blue badge holders are able to park on the High Street without restriction so it is unnecessary to specifically highlight disabled parking. If there were issues in accessing the chemist, there were other methods of obtaining prescriptions that can be used.

8). Updating of the Zebra crossing in the town centre:-

The current zebra crossing lights are quite dim, and it was felt brighter lights would be beneficial in an area with such a high volume of traffic. The committee resolved to add this to the Highways agenda, to request a review of current policy to consider the introduction of lit pole zebra crossings within Staffordshire, and to consider this for Eccleshall.

9). Correspondence:-

• Resident suggestions for reducing the parking problems in the town centre:- A resident had written to suggest a number of areas that could be considered to provide additional parking. The clerk will respond to note receipt of the suggestions from the resident and express thanks in providing the suggestions, which were discussed. Unfortunately a number of the options were prohibitive in terms of either agreement by Highways, or cost, as they had been considered in the past.
• To receive the response from Staffordshire County Council regarding electric charging point provision:- It was noted that the County Council’s study is still in progress and once the report is completed, further discussions on the outcomes will be ongoing.
• Resident feedback on speed indication devices at both Newport Road locations. Residents have noted a positive effect on reducing speed of traffic, and it has been requested for the signs to become permanent, as there are concerns that traffic will carry on speeding as soon as the devices are moved. The committee noted the feedback.

10). Items for next meeting:-

Any items for the next meeting can be forwarded to the Clerk.

11). Date of next meeting:-

1st April 2020, Eccleshall Community Centre, following the meeting of the Planning Committee.
There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.50pm.